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go video kiosk lockdown

GoVideo is advanced, scalable, and secure digital signage solutions for the Android app to drive user engagement and deliver a great personalized digital experience for touch screen interactive digital signage Kiosks.


GoVideo can be used as a video looper to display advertisements, news, restaurants, product information, trade shows, or anything your business wants to deliver to its customers.

  1. GoVideo can start playing videos right after the device boots up.
  2. Password protected: Only an administrator can exit the GoVideo player.
  3. Displays video in Full-Screen mode
  4. Hide buttons on the bottom bar
  5. Automatically plays videos from the SDcard.
  6. All common video formats supported (Device dependent)
  7. Advanced lock down into Kiosk mode by using GoVideo
  8. Added an option to schedule the playlist based on the days.