Breakout Audio App Screen
  1. Audio chat and socialize with people around the globe
  2. Chat privately in private Breakout rooms on BeeChat
  3. Start a conference audio call for your audience
  4. Breakout audio rooms are not recorded without the host’s permission.
  5. Host private, social or global; branded or non-branded and also premium audio rooms for your audience
  1. Group chat & network with like-minded people

  2. Express yourself by adding Audio Hooks on your profile.

  3. Tune into live audio conversations or host your own rooms.

  1. Connect with industry experts, influencers, professionals & entrepreneurs

  2. Learn from people’s experiences & initiate collaborations

  3. Voice up on important topics & share your knowledge

  4. Live chat or schedule a room on your subject of choice

  1. Unfiltered conversations with your followers.

  2. Live interesting conversations for your followers 

  3. Build a network and find the right mentor

  4. Do your research with Bee Search on Breakout App

Dive into discussions from the hallway. Explore hot topics by listening to experts on every topic – from food, fashion, to technology, NFTs, Crypto, or to NEWS. Dont find your topic here? Host your own audio room and invite people to join it! Breakout Audio app is the place to bring your community together and express your views to engage with them! Download Breakout and start your room! Start networking without any boundaries!

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