As the #1 trusted LinkedIn Automation tool, LeadConnect safely finds you qualified leads so you can focus on closing deals - much faster.

Saves you time

Automate prospecting tasks that took hours now take minutes

Saves you money

Focus on high value sales activity with qualified prospects

Wins you more business

Spend your time where it matters, closing the deal!

Leadconnect makes lead generation much easier and faster by sending an initial LI connection request and you can set a follow up time making prospecting efficient. The chrome extension LeadConnect can automatically send a follow up several times till you receive a response.

LeadConnect detects if your prospect responds to your message and further follow-ups are stopped automatically.

LeadConnect, a lead generation tool offers personalized messaging sequence where sales reps can personalize message help closing deals effectively and build predictable revenue.

You and your teammates won’t chase the same prospect twice. Blacklist is here to save those extra efforts and confusion.

With LeadConnect’s graphical dashboard, reporting on all the major activities of your LinkedIn account seems so easy. It also comes up with detailed tracking of which campaigns are driving the best results.


It shows graphs with sent invitations vs accepted invitations, accepted invitation vs responded prospects. Linkedin is a social networking platform where there are various factors where optimized profiles are a plus, also response rates are mattered on a large scale which affects your Linkedin profile’s SSI score