Intricare Technologies Celebrates 5 Year anniversary with 5 promises

This year in May, Intricare Technologies celebrated its 5th foundation anniversary. The team is starting a new chapter with five new promises to grow the company in this next phase!

Here are the five promises our team has made to make them grow at a professional level, personal level and getting ahead together.

1. Accelerating on technological capabilities of the team

We are pledging to turn the throttle hard to accelerate our capabilities at the technological levels. Intricare technology already offers diversified products with various capabilities and provides help at various touch points.

From developing automation software for your sales and marketing teams to providing enterprise level security solutions and device management.

We will accelerate our internal training program to adopt the rapid transition of technology and the advancements to help our clients always step up in their businesses.

2. Making user experience better for all

While becoming stronger at the technologies and adopting latest tech stacks, team Intricare Technologies will also work on improving the product designs and user experience. We are also committed to making our products more user friendly, superior in user interface and accessible for everyone with internet connection.

We are also working on providing newer solutions and digital products with high in demand features. The design or solution approach will be completely user centric and will help to provide organizational growth.

3. Investing in diversity

Intricare Technologies has always invested in diversity and with the growing team members, we are planning to open our doors to accept an even more diverse approach.

By investing in diversity, we are planning to open new dimensions to bring fresher and better ideas on the table. Everyone in the organization irrespective of the position they hold or the team they belong to are open to give ideas, suggest improvements on the project and will be able to help us improve the culture at work.

4. Creating sustainable products and be future ready

Challenging years are coming as the markets are shifting rapidly. Not only technologically advanced, the digital ecosystem is looking for sustainable and scalable solutions as well.

We are growing our inhouse product marketing and research capabilities to match the actual market demand. Our goal is to help organizations scale by providing our technologically sound solutions and constantly improving the ROI for them.

5. Working on individual growth of people

#IntricareParivar has always been about growing at a professional level and personal level while balancing the work and personal life. Since the last couple of years, we have adopted and implemented all the best practices that help our team to maintain the work life balance.

With more inclusive HR policies and work practices, we are looking forward to creating a dream team that can achieve any milestone at a professional and personal level.

Well, the celebrations have come to an end, not the promises and the efforts to make them real! Will see you next year with a bigger team, better products and greater opportunities!